If cleanliness is your premier concern issue, Magnikleen will impress you with the absence of dirt.

Magnikleen Services Sdn Bhd – The Excellent Cleaning Services Specialist with well established reputation for the Best Quality, Service and "Value for Money".

At Magnikleen, we provide ourselves with the highest standards in staff training and advanced cleaning methods. Our state of the art program covers every detail from personal conduct to advancement of skill and precision. Together with our uncompromising commitment, Magnikleen has set new standards in customer satisfaction.

We offer our clients a wide range of cleaning systems. We customized all projects to meet your cleaning requirements and needs. We possess a full range of industrial and commercial floor care products, ranging from large ride on scrubbers to small vacuum cleaners. The sophisticated floor care equipment are utilized to increase the productivity and efficiency of our services.

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+603-6277 6672
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